Movie Review: “Thor: Ragnarok”

Siri Harsha Dindi, Reporter

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One might think that the Thor series is not quite up there with all the other Marvel movies. But with the recent addition of Thor: Ragnarok, the whole franchise has been revived into one of Marvel’s best work. Before this movie, Thor was cool and strong but after watching this movie Thor is incredible, awesome and beastly. This film was much needed to increase the fun, likability and the overall freshness of the character.

Thor was imprisoned on  Sakaar by his evil big sister Hela, the goddess of death, to destroy all of Asgard. Thor must find a way back to Asgard and must stop his overpowered sister.

This movie was odd — and odd good. Everything we know about Thor is dismissed right from the very start giving the audience a fresh start with Thor as a hero. His hammer, smashed by Hela. His godly flowy hair, cut. His sense of Justice, used for comedic relief.

We are used to seeing Thor as a god who steps down to earth to help humanity but in this film we see Thor, an asgardian prince, in a barbarian and gladatorian planet — Sakaar. This juxtaposing setting really helps bring so much more character in Thor.

We always saw Thor as a hero who can put an end any villain, but this time around he has to face Hela (Cate Blanchett), who makes Thor feel like an severely underpowered underdog. Cate Blanchett’s excellent portrayal of Hela genuinely feels like an imminent threat for Thor to overcome. But the overwhelming comedy can sometimes reduce the the rising threat level of Hela which can lessen the dramatic effect and the intensity of the action scenes.

Though the fight scenes may not carry the needed emotional provocation between characters but they quite surely are awesome, colorful and powerful.

This movie is primarily a comedy before anything else. The director, Taika Waititi does an amazing job.

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