Getting to Know: Jamie

Ali Hersi, Reporter

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CSS welcomes our newest aid, Jaime, who will team up with Devin after the departure of Izzy. He previously worked at The Hunts Point School in the Bronx. The CSS community, especially the high school, helped smoothen the transition to a new school.

“Devin is cool, everyone is nice and the high schoolers made it easy for me,” said Jamie.

He was born and raised in the Bronx and attended Cardinal Hayes High School before moving to Longwood High. He then enrolled and graduated from Sullivan County Community College in Monticello, NY with a degree in child education. His favorite subject was history growing up and he spends his free time reading novels and baking brownies.

“My favorite subject was history, all types of history in general,” said Jamie. “I ran track in college but basketball is my favorite sport.” “I like to read and I LOVE to make brownies.”

Jaime’s expected the students to be doing work at all times. “I expected everyone to do work during lunch.”

He agrees with our late policy and hands a tip over from his childhood. “It follows you to adulthood. When I had detention they made us stand for an hour,” Jaime said.

Out of curiosity I asked about his dream job and it is to become a basketball coach.  “I’ve always wanted to be a basketball coach even though I never put much thought into it.” he said.

And as of now no regrets were evident besides saving up for a car.

“I should’ve saved up for a car since I live in the Bronx,” Jaime says.

The first change he would make to CSS is removing the patches from the sweaters. “I would be more lenient with the sweaters because I believe we should be able to express our individuality,” he stated.
You can catch Jaime hustling in the hallways or roaming the cafeteria and gym during and after school hours, helping make CSS the great place it is.

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