Meet Your President (No, not Trump)

Alesi Lanham, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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You heard her voice over the intercom in the morning. You saw her face on posters around the school during the election season. She is known around CSS as the student government president, but who exactly is Murshea Tuor?

Tuor joined the CSS community as a freshman, but her time here was off to a rocky start.

“I came in freshman year and I hated it for the first month,” Tuor explained. “And then it grew on me when I started [to make] friends.”

The close knit environment here also played key role in Tuor’s shifting view of CSS.

“Although I didn’t get a typical high school experience,” said Tuor. “I definitely cherish and value having such a small school and being able to bond with your classmates and peers. In a small school [the people] just care about you a lot more than in a big one.”

When she isn’t planning school events, Murshea can be found longboarding in prospect park, getting in a good workout at the gym, or reading and discussing a juicy book during a CSS Book Club session.

As for her future, Murshea will be joining the class of 2021 at Tufts University in Massachusetts on a pre-med track.

“Tufts has been my dream school since sophomore year” said Tuor. “I’m incredibly excited. Tufts has been where I’ve wanted to go for so long.”

Following her time at Tufts, she hopes to attend a medical school to specialize in oncology. As for her career, Murshea has dreams of giving back to society.

“I don’t want to spend most of my life working in a hospital,” explained Tuor. “I’d really like to go to [work with] Doctors without borders and work in the developing countries.”

Although this transition is an exciting and new one, it also causes a few butterflies in her stomach.

“I’m definitely nervous about leaving such a tight knit community” said Tuor. “It’s gonna be a completely new environment from going to a school where you know everyone you go to school with, you’ve formed relationships with all of your teachers and you are going to a place where you have like 1,000 to 8,000 kids in your entire year and you don’t know most of them. It’s going to be very crazy to acclimate to.”

As for upcoming events, Tuor and the rest of the student government are working with the English department to have a coffee house to share their various works.

Finally, the President has a few words of advice for the CSS community:

“Be involved with CSS!”

Thank you for serving as the 2017-2018 Student Government President, Murshea!

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