New CSS Publication: Coffeestains

Keitlin Ushe, Reporter

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Coffeestains is a new literary magazine that focuses on creative publications. Led by Melany Garcia, Gabby Masters, Eddie Zheng, Zosia Caes, Abby Napoli, Mario Pereira, Woody Chiang and advised by Professor Flaherty, this publication is working to put together a magazine comprised of original work such as book reviews, short stories, short essays, poems and art pieces. The deadline for submissions is this Thursday, June 15. Any high school student or teacher is encouraged to submit their work.

“We started this late because no one was executing the ideas of starting it” said Garcia, junior. “Professor Flaherty was thinking about it for a long time but we are finally determined.”

The students founded this new literary magazine as another means for CSS students to express themselves.

“CSS needs it because there are not enough ways for students’ writing and literature to get out” said Chiang, junior. “Students will feel encouraged to read and write.”

Due to CSS being a more STEM based school, the students felt that more forms of art and literature were needed as a balance.

“We’re trying to give humanity students more opportunities to open up,” stated Napoli, junior. “What we want is for students to not be self conscious about what they think and write.”

The plan is to have the first magazine published in October. The team is working to first put the magazine together, then fundraise money. If it is successful then they will try to publish two magazines each school year.

“We need this because it is good to have something published if you don’t want to pursue math or science and its a good community thing to have in our school,” added Napoli.

As for the name of the magazine, Eddie Zheng came up with the name and everyone liked it.

“Imagine if you enter a coffee house you sort of see people working on something, writing their thoughts,” said Zheng, junior. “That’s how I came up with the name.”

Since it is the first time doing this, there is no harsh ruling. There is no online publication yet but the group is still thinking about it and other ideas for the future.

“We’re thinking, for in the future, to have themes so then students can see a prompt and write based on it” said Garcia, junior.

They are accepting anything; reflections, photography, visual arts etc. If you want to be part of editors you can email the group to [email protected] or you can talk to Professor Flaherty. If you feel uncomfortable sharing your work please peer edit or have your teachers read or see your work. They are planning on having a workshop so students or teachers can talk to each other and be more comfortable with sharing your thoughts.

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