Unlocking Your Creativity

Jeanyna Garcia, Reporter

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They follows us everywhere whenever we go down the hallway. Uniform in their color and shape, lockers are pretty hard to miss. While the locker’s outside appearance may be repetitive and basic, it is the inside that distinguishes each locker from another. Students embed their personality and interests in the forms of art, designs, photos, and layout. For those who are looking to deviate from the standard, boring locker look, I have compiled a list of the most unique lockers at CSS. Hopefully, you get inspired to put a little more effort into your locker.

“The Locker”

Some lockers only store the physical belongings of the students, but “The Locker” contains the life of its occupiers. An array of photos of the owners and their friends are taped in the inside. The pictures illustrate the transition from childhood to adulthood of the juniors and are nice to reminisce. Just as much as its inside, a laminated poster is hung on the outside, asking for photo submissions. Yes, that’s right. If you have an unwanted elementary photo of yourself that is less than 3×3 inches, hand it over to the temporary owners: Carla, Nicole F., and Chelsea Your picture may or may not be featured in the locker due to the limited space.



Locker shelves, white erase boards, and magnets are considered the basic decor items for a locker. However, Estefania exceeds the standards with a light-up mirror, a prism LED light, colorful magnets and shelves, and not one, but five white erase boards each a unique shape and size. Talk about locker goals.

“Estefano and I took a lot of time decorating it because we wanted the locker to be fancy,” explained Alicia Alvarez-Banquero, junior.

Each part of the locker was designed for a specific purpose. Take the makeup section, for example.

“We have a makeup section, as demonstrated by the many mirrors, for the shows or events,” said Alvarez-Banquero.

Goodbye bad hair days and messy makeup. These mirrors ensure that Estefano and Alicia always look on point for CSS events.


Locker #180

Don’t let the inside of this locker deceive you of its beauty. Alyssa’s locker may be cluttered with winter gear, but whose isn’t? That should not be the first thing to grab your attention anyways. The positivity and youth of the sixth graders are palpable when you notice this locker’s contents. Zig-zagged, neon-colored posters and post-its are aligned on the door and encapsulate optimistic quotes. These mottos are handy and nice to read after a long, hectic day. After all, school can be stressful. If positivity atmosphere isn’t your thing, then you might like the riddles that Locker #180 has. Alyssa and her friends keep a small, rectangle white erase board written with jokes and/or weekly riddles. So grab a colorful post-it, write an inspiring quote or a humorous remark, and paste it into your locker!


Minimalist and Chic

This locker keeps the bare essentials while maintaining a stylish appearance. Locker shelves, magnets, clipboard, white-erase boards, magnets, and mirrors create a mess-free space. The magnets are all pastel and nicely contrast the silver, pasted letters: A’s for Audrey and Athena; and H for Haleigh. The mirror and clipboard are aligned conveniently at the bottom corner of the locker door; allowing the girls to take a quick peek of themselves and to double check their schedule.

To imitate this aesthetic, gather magnets to create a theme within your locker (Start looking for them on your fridge). If you sense that your stuff is lying haphazardly, get a locker shelf — preferably one that matches your theme — at your nearby dollar store or Target. Not only would your locker look organized, but also polished. Since we are going for a more simplistic style, the locker shelves and the magnets would be sufficient.


Not Your Typical Locker-Next-Door

A while ago, I was rummaging through my locker when suddenly, a pleasant smell of cinnamon drifted by. I kept sniffing out of curiosity to discover the source of this sweet scent. After taking a couple of sniffs, I discovered that my locker neighbors, Alesi Lanham and Alexis Romano, seniors, have a Yankee Candle Air Freshener hanging in their locker. This was probably the first time I have ever witnessed or heard of hanging air fresheners in lockers. So if you’re looking for ways to spice things up without appearing basic, hang an air freshener on your locker. They come in handy when you want to conceal smelly odors coming from your lunchbox or dirty gym clothes!

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