AP Hill Gets a Window

AP Hill Gets a Window: How the efforts of the CSS custodial team made a nature enthusiast’s dreams come true

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AP Hill Gets a Window

Jeanyna Garcia, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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Students passing through the office can now wave through a window to Assistant Principal (AP) Hill or Prof. Thomas. This newly added feature is positioned in a wall which has been, historically, a place of hallmarks. From providing Insta-worthy photo shoot backgrounds to exhibiting art, this wall has been historically multifunctional. Before it was repainted, the wall displayed a student tree of CSS alumni, whose self-portraits adorned each branch. Years later, the vestige of the painting has proved to be the ideal spot for a black framed, sturdy window. But, how did this window get to be where it is now? It all started with a desire to merge the outside world indoors.

“Working in a windowless office which, in reality is a closet, gets really depressing,

especially for someone as outdoorsy as I am. So one day, we just asked the custodians if they could install a window, to which they replied ‘Sure, why not?’”, said Hill, a long-time CSS faculty member.

Originally, Hill foresaw the window’s installation before the end of 2017.

“We ordered the window in October, but had to return it due to manufacturing defects” she said, interjecting with bursts of laughter. This mishap didn’t stop Hill from fulfilling her plan though.

“We got a second window in the winter and began working during April break.” The behind-the-scenes action, she affirms, was led by the CSS custodians.

Our amazing custodial team worked on it over the break. Specifically, Jose and Jimmy worked on the window itself. Our school custodial engineer, Nigran, also supported this project.”

Hill acknowledged that the execution of this project was at a rather inconvenient time.

“They had a load of projects on their plate, such as tidying up and repairing parts of the school for the students.”

She expressed nothing but praise for their hard work: “It honestly was a big effort by the custodial team, but more importantly, it was a testament to their care for us as CSS faculty members. They know how difficult it is for us to work in a closet-like space. Thus, we feel quite lucky that the custodians were willing to undergo this project.”

Ultimately, it was the growth of her plants that made her realize the full effect of the widow’s presence.

“Prior to this moment, I never thought that any organism could thrive in this office. And lo and behold, we now have plants growing!” the garden coordinator exclaimed, pointing to the several pots of plants surrounding the office.

However, Hill’s dream doesn’t stop with only one window.

“Now that I have one, I would like another three. I mentioned this to Jose, but he just shook his head and walked away,” Hill recalls comically.

“I am not sure that was a good sign, however, there’s always a possibility for more; I think it would look quite beautiful if this corner office was filled with side windows,” she says cheerfully as her eyes scanned the office for potential spots.

Large and crystal clear, the window helps breath life to an once gloomy place. It is also  symbolic of the interknit community at CSS that makes being here truly a welcoming experience.

We continue to support AP Hill on her future whimsical endeavors.  

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