DIY Halloween Costume

Aimen Arain and Jordan Orange

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When fall finally arrives the first thing anyone thinks about besides pumpkin spice lattes and the beautiful fall colors is halloween. If you’re like us, and waited till last minute to decide a costume or just simply don’t want to invest money on a costume, don’t worry. We came up with a bunch of last minute diy costume ideas that you can find in your closet are easy to put together.


Alex DeLarge (A Clockwork Orange)

All you need is an all white outfit, some big false eyelashes and a bowler hat and you’re set to be the charismatic delinquent from Stanley Kubrick’s movie.


Black Swan

For Natalie Portman’s character, wear a black skirt and a black leotard, with ballet flats and focus on the makeup. Copy the feathered eyes, and pale makeup to create the mesmerizing look she gave off in the movie. You might also want to get red contacts to make the look more realistic

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Princess Elsa

Wear a blue dress with a side braid, and in minutes you’ll be everyone’s favorite princess.


Audrey Hepburn (Breakfast at Tiffany’s)

For this wear a black dress with gloves, lots of pearls and a tiara, in no time you’ll be the glamorous 60’s film star


Cruella de Vil

Be every dog’s worst nightmare. All you need is heavy eye makeup, a black dress and a fur coat, which is a bonus if Halloween night gets too chilly.

Helga Pataki (Hey Arnold)

For this all you need is a pink dress, a big bow, pigtails and a unibrow. Extra points if you carry around a heart shaped framed picture of Arnold.



The things that you need to create a transformer costume are a large cardboard red box, box cutters, Glue, 2 soda bottles, an all black outfit. With the box you can cut the sides off with a pair of scissors and then you can cut the bottoms of the box for an area for your feet and arms to come out of. You will have to sit under the box and place yourself under to see whether or not you fit. If you do fit continue to cut out smaller rectangles to paste the shield for your transformer and create its name. you ten will cut out another rectangle where your face should be and make an opening so that you can put a flap over it. Once you begin to decorate and color your box you would need to test it to see if it is able to actually look like a transformer. If you want to go even further and look more like a transformer you can get another box. With this box you can make rectangles that go around your arms and legs. After this you will need to be able to crouch down like your favorite transformer, and amaze everyone of how much you look like a real transformer.


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