HQ: A Worldwide Quiz Show

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HQ: A Worldwide Quiz Show

Kris Ushe, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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If you know a lot of random facts then you have absolutely heard of the most trending app in the market today: HQ.

HQ is a phone application that offers people the opportunity to win $1000 or more in cash by correctly answering a set of random trivia questions. The quiz is scheduled twice a day: 3pm and 9pm Eastern and it consists of 12 questions with varying difficulty starting from easy to hard. Each play only has a few seconds to answer each question.

So far nothing unusual about it. Live every quiz show, you have to answer correctly to win the prize. That is if you are lucky enough to be selected to play. HQ, however, gives every smartphone owner the opportunity to play every day, twice a day! That is because you do not physically go to a quiz show, you can take it anywhere.

HQ is the first quiz show to be broadcasted on phones and tablets only. If you want to compete, all you have to do is download the app in AppStore or Google Play for free and wait for the next scheduled show to play.

The fact that only 12 questions are in the way between you and a $1000 have convinced lots of people to download the app and start playing. However, they did not realize that the questions start off easy and become harder throughout the game. The catch is: even if someone was to win, they would usually not be alone. The cash prize is almost always shared with all winners and people end up getting somewhere between $15-40.

Yet that is not standing in the way of people who want a challenge. The app has had millions of downloads and has immediately gained popularity among people. HQ is revolutionary because it has a very simple concept and is extremely convenient to use.

Complaints have poured in for the HQ staff regarding cheating. A lot of players have questioned the legitimacy of playing in groups or using search engines like google while answering questions. HQ took social media to address these complaints.

“We see the debates on cheating. Playing in a group is not cheating, neither is using Google. Those are parts of daily life. Using bots is a different story!”

The negative voices do not block the sun for the creators as they show confidence in the app and its future.

“It’s clear that there’s a lot of attention on us now because this thing has blown up overnight practically,” co-founder Mr. Yusupov said in an interview for New York Times. “We have ambitions to essentially build the future of TV.”

HQ continues to perform well as more and more people are using the app every day. Rumors are that Former President Obama himself played the game when a profile bearing his picture and name appeared on the list of winners.

Curious? Download now and test yourself to win some cash!

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