CSS Girls’ Volleyball Season!

Santana Laureano, Reporter

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The girl’s volleyball team has been better than ever this season! Not only have they upheld an undefeated streak, but they’ve put in the practice, dedication, and attitude needed throughout each game to get them to where they are now.

With only five more games to go they hope to keep their record strong, but with victory comes hard work. As a common sports saying goes, “There is no glory in practice but without practice there can be no glory.” While speaking with some of the members on the team, the question of how they’ve maintained this streak was asked.

“This is all due to the hard work we put in,” said Ashley Alfau, senior. “We commit to our practices and even play when we have free time outside of the school gym. Also, we have great chemistry and good attitudes that encourage us to do better because we feel supported from our teammates. If we mess up a rally we try to cheer up one another and emphasize that mistakes are okay, we just have to learn from them and try to do better next time.”

Of course practice is a key component in any win, but so is a supportive team. Without support as a backbone, a team’s work ethic, both on and off the court, can really mess up.

Since joining the team, Alfau said, “It’s great to be on the volleyball team because it really feels like a family, especially being that it is such a mental sport so it’s crucial to show support for one another which makes it feel even more like a family. It definitely is stressful but all the hard work pays off.”

In speaking with the new head coach, Elssy Batista who replaced former coach, Professor Hubbard, last year, Batista says she was happy to serve as coach for the team.

“Since I’ve been with the girls since day one, I saw the struggles they’ve had and I wanted to help,” said Batista.

While this season may be coming to an end, there’s always a chance to join the team next year.

Senior Brianna Rodriguez gave advice to those inquiring on joining the team and stated, “It’s a highly competitive sport. If you want to join, you have to be determined and sure that it’s a sport that you really enjoy and can see yourself committing to and really putting in the effort to be good at what you do.”

If you’d like to join the team next year it’s highly suggested that you research the sport, attend practices or free clinics, and watch the games to get first hand experience.

“I’d seen the seniors play a few times” said Ashaa Khan, freshman, who is interested in joining the team next year. “They were always so nice. They were together in the halls often too, and it just looked like a great community to be a part of. I haven’t experienced a lot, definitely not as much as the seniors, but I will say this: You will see improvements if you work at it. Also, all of the new kids are in love with the sport already, so practice never feels like practice.”  

If you are looking to watch the next game, go to http://www.psal.org/profiles/team-profile.aspx#026/05362 to check out the Varsity Girl’s Volleyball Team’s PSAL page, where you can view their schedule.

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