New York Road Runners

Claire Xu, Reporter

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New York Round Runners is a non-competitive program. Some runners will race for time, but in general the events are about fun, fitness, and enjoying the outdoors.  Through NYRR, the school has free entry into some of their great events during the spring.


The events include:

  1. March 5 Salsa Blues Run in Washington Heights – 1 mile
  2. April 9 NYRR Spring Youth Run in Van Cortlandt – distance TBD
  3. May 14 NYRR Japan Day Run in Central Park – 4 miles
  4.  June 4 Verrazano 1/2 Marathon in Brooklyn – 13.1 miles (needs approval)


Coach Kornely said, “This is a great way to build fitness and get ready for fall sports offerings!  We’ve got about 30 people who run varsity PSAL cross country and over 70 for the New York Road Runners spring program. I started both when I started full-time at CSS.  It’s grown each year since then, with PSAL for the high school and NYRR for all grades. I didn’t do a whole lot of promotion for the program and mostly spoke about it in classes.  NYRR is a great format to get fit, have fun, and participate in some of the amazing events around the city.”


The runners are also really excited about this, Ahiranis Castillo, 11th grade said, “I was in Cross Country for the first time this fall season. So I was already in touch with Kornely and she let me know when NYRR was starting up. I decided to join because I don’t really have self motivation to keep running when Cross Country season is over, so this was a nice way to keep me on a set routine. My goal is to establish healthier habits, and maybe get my mile time down. For the benefits of this, you get to stay active and there’s incentive to run.”


“I enjoy running and I also wanted a sport to do during the spring semester. I would encourage others to join because it’s a lot of fun and the team is also really nice and supportive,” said an anonymous student
“The goals for the whole team,” Kornely said. “I want to share with everyone the value of exercise and the simplicity that is running.  Anyone can run!!!  Through sport and team support, you can be better than you were yesterday.  You can push your own limits and do things you never thought you could and that’s so much more empowering than just beating someone else.”

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