CSS Cheer Team Brings Home Another Trophy!

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CSS Cheer Team Brings Home Another Trophy!

Ankita Debb, Reporter

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CSS’s very own cheer team brought home yet another trophy.

On Saturday, January 13 the cheer team competed at Stuyvesant High School for the first time and won 1st place.

As a team, they travelled on on the MTA to the highschool to perform at the Second Annual Stuyvesant Cheer Dance Competition. The team was quite apprehensive about the competition days before but on the day many of the cheerleaders said the competition was both nerve racking and fun at the same time.

Congrats to: Adriana Napoli, Alexandria Lee, Allegra Mack, Ariel Kuhl, Adiana Lurvey, Autumn Matsuoka, Beverly Christy, Carmen Abuzi, Catherine Parkin, Danielle Urena, Dezire Duverglas, Ellison Estwick, Grace Guevara, Hannah Pagsibigan. Jarelnys Mendez, Jenna Caron, Jessica Dilone, Kelly Singo, Kiana Turner, Layla Walker, Melanie Lin, Niagale Fofona & Sencere Jones and their Coaches: Professor Colette Young, David Collier, Melina Guti and R.B. Martin.

The competition was at the Stuyvesant High School Gymnasium, it officially started at 11:30 in the morning but the cheer team was since 10,  preparing and using their mat time. They competed against 8 teams, including Kipp and Flushing High School (who the CSS team had fell second place to the previous two years). The competition finished  around four in the afternoon with the first place trophy.


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